Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A Cardinal Christmas

I don't know about you but I am SO ready to get this darn election over with. I can't even watch t.v. anymore. The negativity is about to kill me. Thank goodness I voted early! If you feel the same way I do... turn off the t.v. and go stamp! I plan to! That is much more peaceful. I am going to watch a movie tonight and just wake up in the morning to find out who won. I just can't take it anymore! Whew! Okay then, that was my soapbox for the day.... So how about this card?

I can't believe that I made two beautiful cards and put them in an envelope and mailed them without taking a picture of them! UGG! I really enjoyed water coloring this card. I used the Riding Hood Red and Mellow Moss ink refills along with the blender pens to paint the cardinal in. I need to try this method more often. It turned out beautiful. My "Merry Christmas" was a little crooked, but this was just a sample card for me to keep, so I wasn't real worried about it.
Hope your day is filled with stamping!

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