Monday, March 10, 2008

Things made at March Stamp Camp!!

The next 5 posts are pictures of things we made at this month's stamp camp. Tracy asked me where I come up with all of these ideas! Often times, a good idea or card comes to me when I am messing around with my stamps. However Tracy, often times I copy!!! I am an expert copier! All crafters are! The best website of all is
They average over 600 posts from stampers coast to coast a day!!! Just scroll down to the small print that says "View all of today's additions" and you will get hooked! They even have a search exclusively for Stampin' Up! stamps! You will probably see some of the ideas I have passed along to you! Need an idea? You will find it there! Then you can change the paper or the stamp to suit your needs. Hope those of you that came to stamp camp enjoyed it! Hope to see you April 14th!

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